Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer's Beauty and the Beast 5th Birthday Party

We started talking about Summer's birthday party early on in this summer and discussed many options :):)!  She decided upon a Mother-Daughter Dress-up Night at the Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast! 

 The community theatre by us had this production playing right around Summer's birthday this year.  Summer has many princess-loving friends, she loves to dress up, she loves all forms of story and theatre, and was so excited to make this into her 5th birthday celebration!  In leu of getting Summer a birthday present, moms and daughters bought their own tickets to the show and we supplied the cupcakes and birthday fun during intermission :).  It ended up being the perfect birthday celebration for our little princess and 8 of her 5-year-old girlfriends.  

Summer LOVED planning for her party.  She chose strawberry cupcakes and helped decorate the cupcakes and put the special princess rings on each one.

Decorating the cupcakes

They turned out really cute

She spent quite a while stuffing the party favor bags just right with all sorts of fun princess accessories and wrote each friend's name on a tag.  She is my little giver and LOVES getting little gifts ready for people!
She also spent a while planning her princess outfit, hairstyle, etc!

Adding a bit of lip gloss...

Ready to go!

Mother-Daughter Dress-Up Night, here we come!
BOTH Grandma's came too!  Seriously so fun!  Grandma T drove 3 hours just to join us!  Grandma K took all the pictures you will see on the rest of this post!  Thank you to both our Grandmas for joining our special night - we love you!

Summer was quite the bubbling hostess and buzzed around chatting with everyone!
Addison and her Mommy have been friends almost all of the girls lives (we met in a baby class through ECFE), and have been at Summer's birthday each year!  Fun to watch the girls grow up together!

Lucy and her Mommy.  Lucy and Summer were on the same soccer team and hit it off right away!  Lots of giggles from these two!

Emma and her mommy are awesome friends from church and are also in our small group

We met Laney and her Mommy through dance this past year and found out they only live two streets away from us!

We met Kate and her Mommy through BSF last year and realized we only live 3 streets away from each other!

We met Stella and her Mommy when Stella's brother sold us boy scout popcorn last year.  Stella lives one street away from us!

Adelyn and her mommy have been friends since the girls were one, and we share so many parenting strategies and tips!  love them!

I realized I didn't get a picture of Adry and her Mommy before the show - Adry is the little girl in the blue dress on the other side of Belle from Summer - so here is one of the girls with Belle after the show.  Adry and her Mommy have been friends since the girls were babies and we have enjoyed many runs pushing our kiddos in the jogger stroller.

During intermission, Summer (LOVED) handing out cupcakes and juice to her friends and announcing each one's name and giving them their treat bag.  She is so outgoing it makes me laugh!  The princesses sang to Summer and Summer "pretended" to blow out a candle ;).

 After the show, Summer made the rounds meeting and greeting the characters.

These three girls helped her to find Belle.  In the meantime, they introduced her to Mrs. Potts

Mrs. Potts was such an enthusiastic and exuberant character, and as soon as she found out it was Summer's birthday, she announced it to the cast and they sang a terrific harmonized version of Happy Birthday to her!  Too Cute!

Belle and the Prince!

Summer and Chip

Summer with Gustan
I love this little 5 year old!
Thank you so much to everyone for coming and celebrating with us! We love and appreciate all of you and the love you show our little girl :).


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