Friday, August 7, 2015

Larkyn 13 months

Well, it is offically week-old news now, but Larkyn is 13 months!  While she is still the sweetest thing, she is starting to exercise her will and her ideas more frequently now.  If she doesn't want to be set down, or she wants a toy that her siblings have, or she doesn't want to finish the food in front of her, or she wants food she sees on the table....she will let us know it!  It is still relatively easy to distract her, however, for the most part. 

 She has spent much of July traveling or in the car, and did way better than I would have anticipated given her history of carseat travel ;).  She is now a pro at feeding herself in the car, which makes the trip smoother for everyone!

She has a new hobby after she wakes up from a nap, which includes...

Taking the diapers out of the green holder on the left side of the picture...

and poking them through the slats on her crib...

yeah....I did that ;)

 She is still doing a strange sort of army crawl, but prefers to walk anytime someone offers her their fingers (she still needs to hold onto hands to balance). 

She does her own laundry now...when we say, "Larkyn, lets do your laundry", she will pick up her dirty clothes, and with our help holding her hands, bee-line it straight for the laundry chute.  She loves throwing the clothes down and shutting the door!  She also loves helping get herself dressed- she will hand me her shoes over and over until I put them on :-)!

She is talking a TON.  Most of her words are some sort of intonation repeating the phrases "da", "ba", "pa", "ma" but she does get some other sounds in there.  Some of her "words" to date are:

Ba-Pa (Grandpa)
Ba (Ball)
Ba-ble (Blankie)
Ba-Pa (Puppy)
Da-Ba-Da (Strawberry)
Da-Do (Thank you)
Ah-Oh (Uh-oh)
Ah-Ah (No)

There are more, but they are really only understood in context.  She will point and babble but without the object and the pointing I would have no idea what she was saying!!  I made a little video incorporating some of the words she is saying and how she says them...

We love you, Larkyn Emery!!


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