Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cabin Weekend with Kirkwood side - August 20-23

This past weekend we had our last road trip of the summer.   After so many trips, we have gotten really efficient at packing up - the kids completely packed themselves for this trip.  Both kids have packing lists (Colton's is pictures and Summer's has words) and it makes it so much easier for me to not have to worry about packing their things.  They are seriously so helpful!! 

We drove up to Grandma and Grandpa K's cabin on Thursday August 20th after work.  We had an eventful trip as our van's tire pressure light came on.  At a gas station, Paul discovered a nail in our tire!  After an hour delay and fun exploring a nearby shopping center with the kids, we were back on the road again!

Typical Road fare - PBJ's, fruit, veggies, and fruit snacks ;)
This bib has been awesome for multiple road trips this summer as it stores and catches food for L :)
The kids loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa's toys - especially the train tracks for S and C, and the xylophone for L.

The kids played in the sand for hours!

I love to watch their creativity!

Lunch on the dock!

This PBJ was THOROUGHLY enjoyed by Miss Larky Loo

We celebrated Auntie Kristin's 29th bday!

The kids made sweet cards for her.

I just LOVE this pic!


Kite Flying

Riding the HOTDOG!!!!

Love this pic of my big C.

Crazy guys ridin' the hotdog :)

It's so relaxing here!  We all love it :)


I love this - the kids know they have to read quietly in their beds til 8am.  Now that Summer can read, she reads to C. 

I just love this :)
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the wonderful food, games, and fun!  We loved being with everyone and are so grateful for your hospitality!!!


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