Friday, August 28, 2015

State Fair

Each year, Paul takes a day off work for us to go to the State Fair as a family.  We prefer the first day of the fair, if we can make it work, as it is the least attended day (not as crowded) and the fairgrounds are clean!  This year, we went on the first day of the fair, yesterday.  Here are a few pictrues-

We love going to thought the Little Farm Hands Exhibit

Here is a throwback pic of Colton sitting in the same chair Larkyn is, at his first State Fair...


Riding the tractors in the same exhibit

Planting their "pepper seeds"

At the skateboard show

This is the first year that Summer walked almost the whole fair (10am-7pm) except for a few rides while she was eating!  She brought along doll Clarabelle and pushed her in her doll stroller for a bit too. :)

One of our favorite foods - the fresh made strawberry smoothies!

This bib worked wonders for Larkyn - we put food in there and she could eat while we walked all over the fair!

Loved the miracle of birth area with new baby animals
HaHa fell asleep eating!

All tuckered out!

At the horse show
At the horse show

Kids got to pick 3 rides - first choice - the roller coaster

Love this.

2nd ride = the airplanes

Love this pic of S and C holding hands waiting to get on their next ride

They are so cute when they hold hands!

Climbing up to get on the kids ferris wheel

In the sports area...

Summer loved the letter area with tons of activities with writing and words including word soup, spin a word, making a giant version of her name with a noodle and letter cards,

and making a necklace with her name.
Colton made his name!

And had fun looking at giant trucks with daddy

Larkyn loved walking all over.  She is starting to get the hang of walking with only holding one hand (instead of two).

We ended the visit with Sweet Martha's cookies!

Larkyn enjoyed her first taste of this goodness, as did the rest of us!


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