Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A morning

The last couple days, Summer and Tucker have enjoyed playing together!  They both sit on the floor in our living room and play with their toys.  Summer loves looking at Tucker and watching him and reaching for his paws and his tags and his bed, and Tucker is so good with Summer, sniffing her, but mostly just leaving her alone.  The other morning, Tucker dragged his bed next to Summer and lay down next to her.  When he got up to get something, Summer grabbed Tucker's bed and started playing with it.  Tucker just watched, and then ever so slightly, took a corner of the bed in his mouth, and gave a little, tiny pull, as if to say, "can I have this please?"  I gave Tucker his bed and told him he was a good boy!

Here is a little video of them playing near each other....Tucker is chewing on a bone, and Summer is playing with some toys and looking around.  This is after they had been playing like this for about 15 minutes!


The Baum Family said...

I love the dog/kid relationship. I bet daily life is a bit more relaxing for you now that Summer is content to sit and play with her toys!

Jill said...

So cute. Tucker is definitely extremely good with Summer. He is a perfect kid/baby dog. :) And, Summer is now the happiest, busiest, most content baby! Thanks for the glimpse into a typical morning at the Tommerdahls' house. :)

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