Monday, March 14, 2011


During bath time last night, Paul worked with Summer in saying Da-Da.  Now it is her new favorite word!  She even woke up this morning saying Da-Da!

Here is some video:

Here are some random pictures from ECFE class this week. Enjoy!

This little girl was born at the same hospital as Summer, by the same doctor, just 8 hours after Summer!
Summer has been playing with this little boy ever since we started coming, when he was 4 months old and Summer was 2 months!
Taking a break from playing hard to observe the world around her.
Playing the piano.
Look at this airplane toy!
Which toy should I play with first?
Look what happens when I press this button!


Jill said...

When we were there the other night, I'm pretty sure Summer said "Grandpa and Grandma". :) At least it sounded like that to us. :) Such a sweetie. Love those elbow dimples when she's in a short-sleeved shirt. And, of course she is the cutest baby at ECFE. Love to all!

Kristin K said...

Ok this is impossibly adorable. I laughed out loud at work at the reaching for the shoe thing. Oh and Paul is pretty cute too as he is eating it up.:)

The Baum Family said...

Those videos are precious! She's such a little talker. :)

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