Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 months!

 Our dear Summer was 7 months on the 3rd (sorry this post is a little late!).  In some ways it was hard to see her turn 7 months, as she is now closer to being a year old than being born (CRAZY!).  She is growing up so fast!  But, if someone asked me if I wished to go back to when she was younger, I would say no...because I love every age more than the previous!  She is so much fun right now!  To celebrate her 7 months, I chose 7  favorite things about 7 months and chose 7 favorite videos to share. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Kirkwood

She can sit up by herself!  It is so much fun to play with her when she can sit up by herself!  She can do so much more now.
She can eat solid foods!  It is so much fun to feed her and watch her taste new things.   We recently tried a sippy cup with her with white grape juice.  It was funny to watch her face!  Her whole head shook back and forth as her lips made a sour face, and then she reached for more.  Here is a toned down version of her face a few days later after she had had the juice a few times, but it is still funny!

 She is reaching for everything....earrings, cell phones, crinkly cereal bags, tucker paws!  It is so cute!  She is observing everything.  She sits with wide blue eyes and takes everything in, looking at where noises come from, touching everything she sees, feeling all surfaces, turning things over, shaking things, clapping things together, .  She is so curious about her world and it is so much fun to watch her learn!  Here is a fun video of her riding on daddy's shoulders before bedtime.

She is starting to copy us when we say words and make facial expressions.  Here she is trying to say "mama" and "dada".

She loves to bounce.  Over and over and over again! When you hold her to stand, she will bounce her own legs, moving her whole body up and down.  One of my friends from MOM'S Club lent us her jumparoo (her kids are older) and Summer LOVES it!  Thank you, Katie!

She has the most adorable two bottom teeth!  I thought nothing could top her sweet gummy smile, but those two little teeth are even cuter!  You can sort of see them in this video when she was getting up from a nap.

I love her little personality that is starting to show.  She definitely has opinions and she is not afraid to express them!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it and can change from crying to laughing and from pouting to smiling just like a light switch.  She loves to be moving and doing and touching and looking and playing....she is definitely full of energy--I laugh when I pick her up from the church nursery after Bible study because all the other babies are quietly being rocked to sleep or sleeping and Summer is "making the rounds" with all the toys/jumparoos/exersaucers playing and bouncing and moving the whole time!  One of my favorite things she does is when she gets so excited to see Paul or I and bounces up and down with a huge excited grin! No one who knows her would say she is "boring"....she keeps us on our toes!  Here is a cute video of her trying on a hat.


Jill said...

Oh, this is maybe my favorite post ever. Good job, Kel and Paul!! Ah, I didn't think Summer could get any cuter, but she did. :) Love that baby girl! I agree that it's so much fun to see her little personality emerging. No, she's definitely never boring. :)

Stefanie Schocke said...

She is so cute!!!! :)

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