Thursday, March 24, 2011

Florida: Tuesday

 Today was pink day (well, at least for Mommy, Daddy and I). 

We started the day with a picture with Daddy (I don't look quite awake yet, but I assure you I was!)

Adding Mommy to the mix makes both Daddy and I smile!

I hadn't played with my toys in a few minutes, so I had to hurry back to them!

Daddy's hair is also quite interesting to play with.  This time, I also discovered his ear and tried my hardest to remove it from his head (unfortunately, I'm too quick to catch that on camera).

I also went up to his shoulders for a little ride (don't worry, I wasn't as close to that fan as it looks like)

Daddy and I like to look over the couch out to the ocean!

Another day, another Gma toy!

I love my Gma!  (look at my teeth!)

Auntie Kristin and I looking at the bird.

Daddy's rib dinner at the Island Cow - and he didn't even get any one his shirt (I can't say the same)!

Back in the hot tub. 

This is way too much fun!
All done - looks like Daddy forgot to put on a diaper!


Jill said...

Such a sweetie. I love that picture of Summer and me where her bottom teeth show so well. :) Pretty in pink!

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