Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Florida: Sunday

Last night I slept really well in my new digs - maybe it's the fresh, ocean air? 

Anyway, today is Sunday - our first full day in Florida!

 Today started with a photoshoot with Mommy (Kristin was behind the camera).  Isn't Mommy beautiful? (I guess you can tell who is typing for me...) :)

Mommy kisses!

Next, it was time to get lathered up - apparently the sun is a wee bit stronger than it is in Minnesota!

And we're off to the beach!  I REALLY enjoyed the water - it was so much fun!  The waves kept coming up and sweeping into my legs - it was like a huge bathtub that was sloshing around all over the place - way cool! 

Gpa K had fun at the beach as well!

Here we go!

Mommy loves the beach too!


I want to go in further!

I can't get rid of the paparazzi (did you see them in the background?)

Daddy's turn - let's go Daddy!

Check out these toys - it IS like a bath - water AND toys!

Daddy and I had a good time playing in the sand.

Mommy decided to join in the fun as well!

As much fun as the beach can be, it's also quite exhausting!
Here are the videos from my trip into the ocean:

After the beach, we ate some lunch at the condo and then headed out to the nature park.  I LOVE animals, so I was super excited! So was Auntie Kristin!

We are ready!!

(But first a little snooze in the van...)

And we made it!  Can you believe it?  Gators!!

Daddy found a new friend - his name is "Spunky" and he followed us around the nature area!

I absolutely love birds (and all animals).  Maybe I'll be a veterinarian some day? 

Daddy took a few pictures of the animals that we saw. 

Daddy also caught mommy and I talking to the birds!


See me in the background checking out the peacock? 

These goats were kind of scary - they thought I had food to give them.  I'd have given them some of my mushed peas, but I don't think they'd have liked them. 
Mommy put me on a triceratops - my face didn't hide my feelings of that!

Auntie Kristin and I are "chicks" - I'm not yet sure what that means. 

Gpa and I got to hang out while we shopped in the Shell Factory. 

I absolutely loved all the stuffed animals!


Hey!  This looks like my teething toy - Sophia!
I had a blast pulling the toys off of the shelf and laughing (check out the video).

More neck toys!

And we're on our way to dinner!

Dinner was fun - we ate a place on the water with a live one-man band.  All of the older people in the restaurant kept coming up to me and telling me how cute I was - and I obliged by waving back once in a while (it's a lot of work being this cute).  It was a long drive back to the condo - I was a little tired, so it made for an interesting drive!  Maybe Mommy and Daddy learned their lesson and will get me to bed a little earlier for the rest of the trip? :) 


Jessi Brink said...

So much fun!!! I love her watermelon swim suit!

Jill said...

Summer LOVED the ocean. Summer LOVED the wild animal park, especially the birds. Summer LOVED giggling and playing in her car seat. And, she LOVED knocking stuffed animals off the shelf and having Grandpa pick them up. She is so full of loving life! And, we all can't get enough of watching everything through her eyes.

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