Thursday, March 24, 2011

Florida: Wednesday

 POOL DAY!!! Well, I didn't know what a pool was, but I soon found out that it's like an ENORMOUS bath tub - and Mommy and Daddy even joined me! 

Mommy had to "catch" me - I was so excited to get in!

Look at how much fun I'm having!

I just might be enjoying this...

Can't stop smiling!

I absolutely LOVE standing on the step and splashing the water - I stood there forever! 

Can I get any cuter?

Family picture!

Daddy and I swimming together!

Motor boat, motor boat go so FAST!

I giggle every time Daddy tosses me up in the air :)

Look at me - I pushed Daddy under water!

Kick kick kick kick!

Look at me - front and center!  :)

The family next to the even bigger bath tub!

Mommy and Daddy love me!

Look at Mommy!  Daddy always tells me I have a cute mommy! 

Auntie Kristin takes her turn carrying me around the mini-golf course. 

Daddy lines up his shot. 

Gpa asks for advice on the next hole. 

I'm pretty sure Gma only set me down long enough to take this picture!

Auntie Kristin in her stylish hat (not as stylish as mine, of course)

Gpa making a tough putt - he was great!

Now on to dinner - I sure love my mashed up solids!

Look at those desserts!  (apparently something else was more interesting to me, however).  Daddy gave me my first bites of ice cream and chocolate cake - mmm!!!

After another long (and messy) day, it was back to the spa.

I love having Sammy along for the trip - he's one of my favorite toys!

If only I'd known earlier in the week about the jets in the hot tub!

Off to bed - I love to cuddle with Mommy!


Jill said...

Ah, memories of a fantabulous day! Summer travels very well and did great through all of our picture taking and activities. And, yes, she smiled and giggled almost non stop in the pool. :)

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