Thursday, March 24, 2011

Florida: Monday

A few days in and it's time for some shopping!  Because it can be a little difficult to get in and out of the stores with me in my car seat, Daddy, Gpa, and I stayed back and played at the condo while the older girls went to check out the little shops around the island. 

We had a great time playing - I have a little towel set up in the family room with many of my toys scattered about.  I spent most of the afternoon either there or in my pack-and-play taking a nap. 

Even those the girls were out shopping for most of the afternoon, I still got to cuddle with Gma for a little while.

Notice my two-piece bathing suit?  Everyone keeps telling Daddy that he's going to have to fend off all of the boys when I get older.  Right now, though, most unfamiliar men make me pout and cry. 

Another day, another new neck toy!

Do you like my sun dress?  And look at all my toys that I have!  Mommy and Daddy lugged along lots of toys to keep me entertained - it's working (for the most part!). 

We decided to eat dinner at a place called Gramma Dots (yes, that's how it's spelled).  The rest of the family had to wait a half hour before they could eat.  Lucky me, they were able to give me immediate seating! 

Auntie Kristin doesn't always have toys around her neck, but she does usually have toys on her ears!  Yay!


Jill said...

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikini. :) Cutest tummy ever. :)

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