Sunday, April 30, 2017

Wrapping Up April

April was a full month!  Despite my many posts this month, there are a few random pictures/events/memories that didn't already make it into my previous blog posts...

First, some special Daddy things:

Daddy got to chaperone Summer's field trip to the zoo!

On Good Friday, Daddy got to come to the zoo with the littles and me (Summer still had school)

Daddy got to have lunch with Summer at school on Good Friday, as Daddy was off work, but Summer still had school!

 Second, some random things:

Colton has been asking to climb this tree...

Larkyn loves this Ladybug rain jacket that GiGi Kirkwood gave Summer when she was a baby...and has gotten a lot of wear out of it this April as it has been SO rainy!

Colton and his buddy Brody :)

Summer and her Sparks group

Colton got a special birthday lunch with Grandma and Grandpa K at Famous Daves

Finally, CUDDLES!  Our family LOVES cuddles and it will often be heard, "Mommy, can we cuddle?"  Who can say no to that?! :)

This picture was taken at Colton's request ;)

As I was in the kitchen, I heard, "Mom look at us!" ;)

Found these sweet kiddos like this when I returned from an early Saturday morning run :)  (And Daddy was making our traditional pancake and bacon breakfast like he does every Saturday!)
Cuddling with my 3 favorite kiddos on a lazy Saturday morning
My all time favorite activity with the kids still remains when they all cuddle close on the couch, with blankets, and we read library books together.  I love cuddles with my three favorite kiddos and I love seeing them love on each other too!


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