Thursday, April 6, 2017

Colton Paw Patrol Party

Colton was SO excited for his Paw Patrol friends party!  We started talking about/planning it months ago, and he loved being involved in choosing activities and foods, as well as helping with prep and setup.  We chose to have his party on Thursday April 6th, 4:30-6pm, on the evening after Summer's afternoon first grade concert, so that we could draft ;) all our grandparents who came to Summer's concert into helping out with Colton's party!

All three kids put on their Paw Patrol shirts for Colton's Paw Patrol Party!

As guests arrived, they joined in coloring Paw Patrol pictures we printed off this Nickelodeon site .  My favorite part was watching the kids get so excited about the pups they were coloring and matching their coloring to the pups actual colors as found on the table cloth.  (All the boys Colton invited to his party love Paw Patrol - which made it really fun!).

After all of the guests arrived, we headed outside for a fun Paw Patrol Hunt.  I printed off "bingo cards" for each kid that included a picture of each Paw Patrol character.

Then, I printed off the same sheet on sticker paper, cut them apart, and made matching stickers.  Summer and Colton helped to prep the game, putting each sticker into a plastic Easter egg, and scattering/hiding the eggs all over the yard.  At the party, the kids each had to find and open eggs, looking to "fill their card" with one matching sticker for each character.  They were instructed to close back up and leave any eggs they opened that contained stickers they had already found.  The kids seemed to love it, and even little Larkyn was able to understand the game and play!  Besides enjoying the fact that the game was active and included stickers ;), my favorite part was hearing the little Paw Patrol fans exclaim excitedly when they found a particular pup!  All of Colton's buddies get excited about Paw Patrol!  (I got the original idea here and then tweaked it using free printables from this site. )

After the Paw Patrol Hunt, we raced Zuma, Skye, and Chase (three of the Paw Patrol characters) using squirt guns. I made the vehicles of these three pups and covered them in packing tape to make them waterproof.  I then attached them on/around plastic cups, poked a hole through the cup to string fishing line, and attached the fishing line between our neighbors fence and our tomato grates.  We borrowed a bucket of power squirt guns from our neighbor, and kids propelled the Paw Patrol vehicles with streams of water by squirting inside the cups with squirt guns.  The cups easily slid along the slippery fishing line when given a good squirt.   I saw the original idea here and then tweaked it to make it Paw Patrol using these free Paw Patrol Vehicle 3D printables.

Skye's helicopter hung from one of the cups using a paperclip.

I put Chase and Zuma's vehicles right over the front/top of the cup.
The Paw Patrol Vehicles were propelled forward along the fishing line via streams of water from the squirt guns.

While kids waited for their turn to use the squirt guns, they were invited to "BE" a Paw Patrol character and put on Marshall or Chase masks and drive our play fire engine and police car.

The final activity of the party was acting as "Rubble" (the construction pup" and playing in the dirt (sand) with construction vehicles....searching for pennies.  Five-Hundred pennies (yep, $5 worth) of pennies were hidden in our two sandboxes, and kids dug and searched for the pennies, putting them in their Paw Patrol bags to take home with them.  Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa T for giving me the activity idea as they used it for their kid's birthday party many years ago!  It was a hit!

After an hour of play, we had a "dog"-gone ;) good dinner of "pup"-eroni pizza, Paw Patrol fruit snacks, bone shaped graham cracker snacks, and watermelon.

While the kids ate, Grandpa K read the kids Paw Patrol stories (picked out by Colton) from his Paw Patrol Storybook.
Grandpa did a great job reading to the kids, including a story about how the pups pulled off a surprise birthday party for Chase (the police pup).
I LOVED watching the kids faces GLUED to the book as Grandpa K read about all their heroes.  Many forgot to eat ;) and asked for more stories!

Listening intently to the Paw Patrol stories while they ate dinner.

We finished of the party with Colton's request, "pup"-sicles!

 It was a really fun party!  While we missed 3 of Colton's friends (one had strep, one had the flu, and one was in Florida) we are thankful for the truly great buddies that came to celebrate Colton, as well as the amazing family that made the party a lot of fun!


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