Friday, April 14, 2017

Colton-Mommy Birthday Date

I LOVE one-on-one dates with my kids.  It is one of my favorite parts of being a Mommy.  While we do have random scattered dates throughout the year if I see something that would interest one of the kids, I usually try to plan something around birthday time.  This year, after seeing how much Colton enjoyed mini-golf in Florida, I decided to take him to lunch and mini golf.  He was so excited!  He picked Perkins for lunch.

We had fun playing some of the games on his kids menu...and making mustaches with the crayons ;)

He picked chocolate chip bear pancakes
I brought along some questions I got at a recent youth leader meeting at our church, and we had fun discussing the answers to many of the answers (that were applicable!) while we ate!  Colton is a great conversationalist and I love time with him, uninterrupted by other siblings or needs.  We also got to chat about what he was excited/nervous about kindergarten next year.  Colton also brought along his Bible and we read from it together and had some great conversation.  This lunch with him will forever be stored away in my memory as a special one!  He is a total sweetheart date :)

Mini golf with this dude at Moose Mountain at Mall of America

Colton did well at mini golf!  His typical hole took him 4-6 shots.  Some tricker ones he looked more like he was playing floor hockey than golf ;).  He especially loved any holes with tunnels and dropping the ball in again and again and watching which hole it would come out on the other side!

 At age 5, Colton...
*loves to make others laugh
*loves to be silly/crazy
*loves learning/talking about God and his Bible
*loves learning how things work
*loves gears
*loves Paw Patrol and Lightning McQueen
*is amazing at playing by himself and entertaining himself but, when asked, prefers to play with someone
*is learning to read, but doesn't love it :)
*is very quick with numbers and all types of math I have introduced him to
*loves his science experiment kit
*is an excellent auditory learner and can recall his Sunday school, BSF, and Cubbies lessons in great detail
*has amazing concentration and attention span
*is very grateful and loving and cuddly
*loves soccer
*adores his big sister Summer and has a soft spot in caring for his little sister Larkyn
*loves wrestling with Daddy
*loves to help others with anything they need
*is easily distracted when doing his chores ;)
*loves speed (makes Mommy nervous on his bike!) and is not scared easily

I cannot believe I will be sending my little Colton buddy to kindergarten in the fall.  I makes me sad to think my all-day, every-day time with him is coming to an end, but I could not be any more proud of the young man he is growing into.  I pray that God would protect him physically and spiritually as he enters this next year and that he would bring glory to God and others into His kingdom.  I pray that he would continue to grow into the young man God wants him to be.  I love you more than words can say, my little Colton buddy!  Happy 5th birthday!


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What a memorable day with your little guy! Mom/son relationships are so sweet and special.

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