Monday, April 24, 2017

Colton Kindergarten Open House

Colton is very excited for Kindergarten!  He loves to "pretend" put his bike in the bike rack at school and say goodbye to me when we drop off Summer... I, of course, banter back to him that he can't go yet... ;)...He can't get that old ;)....he has to stay little just a "little" longer ;).  Anyway, this past Monday was an exciting day for him. Not only was it his first soccer practice, but it was his kindergarten open the same time!  So we went to half of each.  We got a babysitter for the girls, and made it a night with just the parents and Colton.

Sorry for the blurry picture - it was a rainy windy day!  Colton is in the middle of the picture and is on the gold team and is #8.  I'm sure I'll get better pictures as the season goes on. 

Heading in for the new Kindergartener's Open House!

Colton walked down that hallway to the kindergarten wing like a pro - he has been there so many times volunteering with Mommy and having lunch with Summer that he knows the building and many of the staff (and much of the staff knows him as well!)  What a different experience than when we went two years ago with Summer and EVERYTHING was new!

First on his list - he wanted to go on the school bus tour!  Even though we don't get busing (we live .6 miles from the school and you have to live a mile+ to get busing) all kindergartners get a chance to ride the bus on open house night!

He saw quite a few friends/neighbors while we were there and quickly got to playing in each of the kindergarten rooms we visited.

We ended the night in the computer lab, where he was so excited to play on a computer!
I am so grateful for an amazing neighborhood school, outstanding staff, and a great big sister to pave the way!  While its true that this momma will shed tears in the fall, I also know Colton will do great!  Until then...I am very glad I don't have to send him JUST yet....:)


The Baum Family said...

So fun!! Can't believe Colton will be a kindergartener!

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