Thursday, April 6, 2017

Summer:1st Grade Concert; Field Trip, Gymnastics

First Grade Concert

Summer did a great job in her first grade concert!  She loves music with Mr. Barnes, and the first-graders all loved the music he chose from Alice in Topsy-Turvey Land - you could tell by the smiles on their faces as they sang!  I will include pictures and video below, but first I want to share a moment for which I am very proud of our little first grader.

Out of 5 classes of first graders (125+ first graders?), there was one solo.  One little girl would be chosen to be "Alice" and sing a 2 page song all by herself.  Summer REALLY wanted this solo.  She practiced a lot.  She sang before bed, during breakfast, in the car...she even requested the music from Mr. Barnes and Mommy played it on the piano and Daddy helped her with the pitch.  It was quite a challenging song, musically. but she got it down, and even included actions and facial expressions.  The day came for the tryouts, and she was encouraged by how her classmates said she did.

The day came for the solo to be announced, and the evening before as well as the morning of, we discussed together how she would respond if she did/didn't get the solo.

I thought about her all that day!  When she walked into the house that afternoon, the first words out of her mouth were, "Laney got the solo and I got the backup".  (Laney is one of her best friends.  Backup means she would sing the solo if Laney should be sick the day of the concert).

I was SO SO SO proud of how Summer handled her disappointment.  She talked it through.  She was a little teary.  But she immediately agreed to calling her friend Laney and congratulating her.  After the call, I went into the kitchen, and she was in the other room.  She started quietly talking and singing to herself, as she often does.  Her song was so sweet, that as I eavesdropped, I copied down her words...

"I am happy for Laney.  Even Jesus cried."  (singing...) " The Lord can choose.  There's a good reason for it.  He is teaching us a lesson.  Or maybe he just wants us to grow stronger in feeling happy for our friends."

I was so so so proud of her attitude, that I told her I was so much prouder of how she was handling the situation than if she got the solo.  Furthermore, we made a big deal out of how she was handling it, not only as an encouragement to her (a strong love language for her is verbal affirmation) but also as an example for her siblings.  That night she ate on the "You are Special Plate" at dinner.  I always want her to know that her heart attitude is so much more important than her achievements.  Summer Tenleigh, I am so proud of you!

Without further ado, here are some pictures and video from her first grade concert...

Summer is wearing a light pink dress in the front row right

Each of the five classes had their own silly song.  Summer's song was about absent minded mice.  (See video below)

The whole first grade (all five classes) also sang two songs all together to begin and end the concert.

Watching Summer!
Summer had amazing supporters!  Auntie Kristin, Teddy, Grandma and Grandpa K, Grandma and Grandpa T, and Gee Gee Sandy all came too!

Grandma and Grandpa T got to see Summer's desk.

Gee Gee Sandy got to see Summer's school for the first time!

Summer was Leader of the Week this week, so it was fun that she got to show the family the bulletin board about her.

Field Trip

Summer is part of a group at Southview that gets to do some fun extra things.  She and another first grader were included on a Robotics Field trip last Friday, to watch and scout the High School Robotics competition at the University of Minnesota.  While Grandma and Grandpa T and Gee Gee Sandy babysat Colton and Larkyn, I got to go with Summer on the field trip!  I learned so much right along with them and it was really fun!

Our view of the competition.

The group from Southview that went (Summer is bottom row, 4th from the left)


While Grandma and Grandpa T were here they got to see the kids in a lot of their activities.  They took some fun video/pictures of Summer in gymnastics so I will post those here.


Thank you to all her family that loves and supports her so much!  We are so grateful for you!


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