Saturday, April 8, 2017

Colton Breakfast in Bed and Extended Family Party

On Saturday, April 8th, we invited all our grandparents, aunts, and uncles to come over for a cookout at birthday party.  We have the most amazing family!

We started the day with breakfast in bed, per Tommerdahl birthday tradition, even though it was two days before his actual Monday birthday, so that Daddy (who goes to work much before Colton wakes up!) and Grandma and Grandpa T could be there too!

 Here is the video of us singing/bringing him breakfast in bed:

Around 11, the rest of the family showed up to celebrate! Here are a few pictures from our now five-year-old's second celebration!

New Lightning McQueen bike!
Summer helping to read the card.

New Lightning McQueen bedding...
...and Lightning McQueen accessories for his room!

Road tape!
A personalized Paw Patrol Book!

Walkie Talkies!

Paw Patrol Blanket!

Isn't cousin Teddy the CUTEST!?!

Colton loved helping to put his new bike together.


Praying for the meal


Colton picked out a Lightning McQueen cake.
Here is a video of the family singing to him:

A huge shout out thank you to our amazing families for their love, support, generosity, and prayers for our favorite little boy.  We love you all!


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