Monday, May 8, 2017

Southview Carnival

One of the biggest fundraisers for Summer's school is the Southview carnival.  It's really fun!  This was our third year going (we went the year before Summer started kindergarten) and our second year volunteering.  This year, the kids and I worked a game, the Lollipop and Pencil Tree, during the early shift, and then after Paul got off work he met us there for dinner and more games.  Then Paul worked a late shift doing the banana toss game.

Larkyn took tickets, Summer explained the game, and Colton stamped the cards (# of stamps was based on the color at the base of the pencil or lollipop they chose and stamps could be redeemed at the prize counter at the end of the carnival)

All three kids wanted to play the game Daddy worked!

It was especially fun to see so many families we knew at the carnival.  I am so thankful for such a great school with so many great people!


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