Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Summer Track and Field Day

At Southview, Track and Field Day starts in first grade.  Colton, Larkyn, and I got to help out this year, which was really fun!  Another mom and I had a group of 15 students that we followed and kept tracks of their times/distances on eight different events.  Colton loved videoing the meet on my phone (Thanks to Colton I have zillions of videos haha so I'll just share one!) and both kids helped to cheer on the first graders.

The group that Kate's mom and I ran around the meet with.  Summer is on the far left.
Good job Summer!

My big helpers did amazing during the almost 3 hours we were volunteering!
Summer hurdles video (taken by Colton):


The Baum Family said...

So fun! I love how you volunteer even with Colton and Larkyn in toe!!

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