Wednesday, May 10, 2017

End of Awana

We finished our last night of Awana on Wednesday night.  Colton finished his last year of Cubbies and Summer finished her 1st grade year of Sparks, and Larkyn finished her last year of being too young to come with us ;).

Things I am thankful for:
*The verses that are hidden in the hearts of our kids (Larkyn memorized Colton's verses along with him!).  I pray these come back to their memories when they need them!
*The opportunity for Paul to lead Colton's Cubbies group and spend time with Colton.
 *The opportunity for me to lead Summer's Sparks group twice a month and spend time with Summer.
*The special bonding time that Larkyn had with Grandma and Grandpa K when they babysat on weeks I led Summer's group, and the special bonding time I had one-on-one with Larkyn on nights that my co-leader Marcia led.
*And now...I'm thankful for a break for the summer on Wednesday evening commitments and the fun of memorizing the same verse as a family during the weeks of the summer!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Awana is the best!! So happy!! 😘

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