Monday, May 8, 2017

Colton the science guy

As mentioned before in this blog, Colton is so curious and loves his science experiment kit, gears, and learning how things work.  Well, lucky for him, he has a Grandpa K who ALSO loves all things science (with an engineering background).  Double bonus - Grandpa K will be retiring next month and has had more time as his responsibilities at work decrease.  As a result, several times in the past few weeks, during the time I volunteer at Summer's school, Grandpa K has been able to come over during the day with Grandma K.  Colton so looks forward to when Grandpa comes and brings his "grandpa bag" with cool experiments.  So far they have magnetized a nail using electrical current from a battery and launched a rocket using baking soda and vinegar.  Here are some pictures and video.

Magnetizing a Nail

Videos* of nail magnetizing:

 Creating a Rocket

 Videos* of rocket:

I love watching the special bond these two share over a mutual love of science and my mama heart just melts watching my Dad spend such intentional time with my little boy doing something they both get so excited about.

*Photo and video credit goes to Grandma K :)


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This is just beyond precious.

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