Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Paul Birthday

We celebrated Paul's birthday over three days :).  On Saturday, Paul and I went on a birthday date, on Sunday we gave him breakfast in bed (and he took Summer to the MN United game!), and on Tuesday went out to dinner as a family and did presents!  Unfortunately, due to our sick kiddos, we had to miss our birthday lunch with Grandma and Grandpa T, but I'd say its the thought counts!

Saturday Date

Grandma and Grandpa K babysat our three munchkins (and did a great job entertaining them on a very rainy day!) while we headed out on an afternoon and evening date!

Our first stop was the Swedish Institute Museum.  It's been on Paul's list of things to do for a while, and because it poured rain the entire day, it was the perfect day to go!

We got to see a massive mansion, built by a man who ran the largest Swedish newspaper at the time.

It was very interesting, and a retired gentleman volunteer enjoyed our enthusiasm and questions and ended up going from room to room with us explaining everything in much more detail than we would have gotten by just walking around, as well as taking us to several behind the scenes rooms closed to visitors! 

We then went to one of the best rated Mexican restaurants in town.  It was delicious!

We stopped at T-Rex Cookies and Coffee Shop for their giant homemade BEST EVER cookies and coffee/tea/conversation.

Then we headed to a new indoor mini golf place called Can-Can Wonderland.  The place is full of atmosphere and each of the 18 holes on the course is created by a different artist and is fascinating!  There were ferris wheels, large animals, band instruments, and many other things that made the holes interesting!

This hole had an optical illusion to look like a giant hole in the middle of the course!

This hole was set up to look like "Grandma's living room"

This hole requires you to putt through a waterfall.
For this hole, your first hit is done with a baseball bat!  Then you continue putting from where your ball lands.


We started off Sunday with breakfast in bed

After church and lunch, Summer and Daddy headed off to the Loons game.

Summer has been looking forward to her "turn" to go with Daddy!

 Tuesday, May 23

After work on Paul's birthday, we went to Chili's for ribs for Paul!

And one of his all time favorite desserts, the chocolate chip cookie skillet!  Then we sent Daddy off to go get a massage :).

 We love our daddy so much!  He is such a godly husband and father and we are so thankful for him.


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