Monday, May 8, 2017

Colton Soccer

Third from front in this pic, Colton is rarin' to go as soon as the ball is in play!

 Colton is in the front center of this picture
Colton had his first soccer scrimmage tonight and was so excited about his goal!  He is gold team #8, and here is a video showing him on defense (at the beginning of the goal) and then a breakaway, and then a goal. 

He is definitely understanding the strategy of the game, and has improved so much since last year.  Colton does a good job of never standing still, but rather being very engaged, getting in between the ball and the goal on defense, passing to his teammates, and driving it toward the goal on offense. 

It has been really fun to watch his excitement for the sport of soccer!  Exuberant would be first word that comes to mind to describe Colton's attitude toward soccer - excitement + energy all the way!  It will be a fun season for sure!


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