Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vacation Bible School

Last week was VBS week at our church.  It was the first time Colton was old enough to go.  Our church does SUCH an amazing job with VBS.  The crafts the kids brought home were super cute and they loved the snacks and games! 

Both kids said they had SO. MUCH. FUN!  They both wished it wasn't done.  I am so happy they had such a great week!  Highlights for me were listening to Colton SO clearly explain his Bible story EACH day (whoever did preschool Bible stories must have did an awesome job!) and watching Summer's age group learn the amazing truth filled songs with really fun beats/tunes!).   Larkyn and I had a great week together.  We helped out at the beginning and end of VBS with registration/check-in and checkout, and then had a good 2.5 hours each day to spend just the two of us!  I loved my one-on-one time with her full of conversation.  So fun to talk with just her and get to know her better!  I love that little munchkin!  We ran errands Monday, went hiking Tuesday,

 had a park playdate and swimming lessons on Wednesday,

went shopping with Auntie Kristin and Grandma K on Thursday,

(Summer and Colton joined us for lunch after VBS)
and took Larkyn's 2 year pictures on Friday (pictures in the next post).

On Friday, the kids had a short program where they sang songs and recited scripture.  It was very well done and fun to watch.  I took a bunch of clips and combined them into one video.  I didn't take the time to edit it, so its just a bunch of raw clips, but it is a fun memory for us :)

Here are a few pictures from their program:

Colton is in the front row in a red shirt and khaki shorts

Summer is in the front row in a long pink sundress

The church had an awesome tech volunteer crew that made a daily video each day of what the kids were up to.  They are fun to watch!  Here are the links to the daily videos:

Day 1 Video
Day 2 Video
Day 3 Video
Day 4 Video

Thank you Chapel Hill Church for an awesome week!  My kids loved it and learned so much about Jesus!


The Baum Family said...

So much fun! Our church is doing the Submerged VBS as well. Loved the videos. Your kiddos are too sweet.

Jill said...

Awesome! I saw Summer on videos 2 and 4 and Colton on 3! What a tremendous program Chapel Hill puts on!

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