Monday, June 13, 2016


We had quite the fan club at the kids' soccer game on Thursday...Grandma and Grandpa T and Javonte drove all the wayfrom Fergus Falls!  Also cheering on Summer and Colton were Auntie Madison, Uncle Jordan, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ty, and even their dog Walter!  Wow, what a fun cheering section for our little soccer players!  We are so blessed with such supportive family :).

Another bonus was that Grandpa T brought his nice camera and took a lot of fun action shots of the kids!  I have typically been so busy with Larkyn or chatting with other fans that I haven't taken many photos of the kids, so I appreciated the large stash of great pictures Grandpa T sent my way after Thursday's game.  He even caught pictures of Summer's first goal!  (Side note: Colton scored his first goal the week prior, but I was home with a sick Summer that night and missed it).  Anyway, thanks Grandpa T for these pictures!

Summer's goal


Huge smile after her goal!

Congratulations from Coach Daddy after Summer scored :)


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Love the Blue Cheetahs!

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