Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kids Kan Act - Summer Theater Camp

Summer absolutely loves the stage and is often putting on shows at our house.  When I saw a 2-day Community Ed class for young actors I knew it was the perfect class for Summer!  On Monday afternoon for two hours, the kids read for parts, got assigned parts, started learning their scripts, and painted props.  On Wednesday afternoon, they continued to practice, including staging and lines.  At the end of Wednesdays class, family and friends were invited to come to watch the performances.  The class put on two Dr. Seuss inspired plays: The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.  Summer was cast as a toy in the first skit and the "Ham" in the second.  We all laughed that Summer was "a ham" in her first play, as she definitely hammed it up with her expressions and actions.  I didn't include the full video of the first play as she didn't have any speaking lines, but I will say she was a VERY exuberant toy :).  I will include the full video of the second play, Green Eggs and Ham, at the end of the blog post.  It is by no means a "polished" play, but was nevertheless fun for parents to watch their kids act and fun for the kids to have an audience :).  I am grateful for Community Education and the many fun opportunities to introduce kids to many different things!  Summer now understands quite a bit more, in a small way, what goes into putting together a real play and got to experience it firsthand!

Green Eggs and Ham Full Play Video:


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