Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cousin Leah's Wedding - June 19th

Last weekend was full of the fun of seeing many out of town family members who came into town for my cousin Leah's wedding.  On Thursday evening, my Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Lynda and Uncle John, and cousin Heather and daughter Elenora arrived into town.  Paul was super-dad getting all three kids bathed and to bed after soccer while I drove over and enjoyed catching up with all of them at my parents home. 

On Friday, the group came to hang out at our place, including Auntie Kristin and Uncle Eric and cousin Teddy.  We grilled out and enjoyed hangout out.

First time all of the out of town guest met cousin Teddy!

On Saturday we went to a park and played.  It was really fun to see Elenora and Larkyn together!

Leah and Matt's wedding was on Sunday afternoon (Father's Day).  It was a very hot and windy day!  We stayed cool during the outdoor (full sun!) ceremony with water and squirt bottles :).  Between squirting herself and eating fruit snacks, Larkyn truly did great considering she didn't get a nap and the ceremony was over her nap!  The wedding took place at a beautiful setting on a farm, with gorgeous rustic decor.  It was so much fun to see Leah and Matt so in love and to celebrate with them, as well as to hear so many God-honoring prayers, blessings, and see the godly support system they both have in their amazing Christian families!  Here are a few pictures:

The couple had all sorts of fun things at the wedding, including lawn games (awesome for our wiggly 4 year old to play during the reception!), fun snacks, and especially ICE CREAM!  Total highlight:

Happy wedding Leah and Matt!  We loved celebrating with you!


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Such a blessed time celebrating with extended family!

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