Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are on Wednesday mornings this summer.  This is Larkyn's first session (she is in the Mommy/Baby class) and Summer and Colton are in their own classes.  All three kids are enjoying them and talk about the fun they had, which is a first!  Usually at least one kid has a fear or dislike they have to overcome, so I am thrilled that (thus far) the season is a positive one!  It is especially fun to chat with Larkyn as she mentions each thing she does and the song we sing with it :).  We are in week three of lessons, and my mom came today to watch and she took some pictures and videos of the kids.  Because I am in the pool with Larkyn, I am not able to take pictures of any of the kids during their lesson, so I am especially grateful she took a few and passed them along!

Here is one video compiling the videos my mom took of each of the kiddos:

Thanks, mom, for sharing your pictures and video! :)


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