Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Father's Day

Father's Day was busy this year, as it was the day of my cousin Leah's wedding.  While we didn't get to do too much celebrating on the actual day, we hope to do something fun next weekend to celebrate :).  In any case, the kids made cute cards for Daddy and we did take some cute photos before church.

We love our Daddy so much!  One of the first things the kids mention about their daddy is how silly he is!  He is so good at making them giggle!  He is also amazing at making family his priority, leaving early and taking half days of work to make it to special daytime events for the kids, despite his demanding job and long commute.  I love watching him coach the kids' soccer team, be a leader at AWANA for the preschool age group, and interact specially with each of his three kids, including unique bedtime routines with each.  When Paul tucks each kid in for the night, they each have their own routine of high fives, nose bumps, elbow bumps, etc that I can't quite keep track of. :) He has such a special Daddy-daughter bond with Summer that includes deep conversations and answering her many questions as well as caring for her emotional and physical needs.  When relating to Colton, Daddy makes being a "boy" seem like the best thing ever and Colton just eats it up, wanting to be like Daddy in strength, soccer, and silliness!  I love that Colton looks up to his Daddy (what a great role model!) and I pray that he will be just like his Daddy in being a man of honesty, integrity, and being a man of God.  Daddy also has a special relationship with Larkyn.  He makes her giggle and she loves to "knock him over" with her hugs.  He was so sweet with her when she was sick last week and stayed up in the wee hours of the night holding her upright so she could breathe through her croup.  I personally appreciate having such an amazing teammate to co-parent with, discuss issues with, come up with solutions together, and tackle the struggles and the joys of parenting together - he is strong in areas where I am weak!  The thing I am most grateful for, however, about the kids' Daddy, is that he consistently prays with each of us (the kids and myself) daily.  I am so grateful for his spiritual leadership in our family and for his constancy in prayer.

Happy Father's Day Daddy! We love you!

6/25/16 edit: This weekend we got to celebrate Daddy with his favorite pizza (Savoy's) and a family trip to the beach.  I didn't take any pictures, but it was perfect :).  


The Baum Family said...

Happy Father's Day, Paul!

Jill said...

Happy Father's Day, Paul! You are a great daddy!

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