Monday, June 13, 2016

Start to Summer Break

Summer got out of school last Wednesday!  The beginning of break did not go exactly as I had planned as Larkyn caught the bad virus that Summer had the week before, and that wound up bringing us to the doctor on Thursday, keeping Paul and I up all night Thursday night with Larkyn's Croup and very high fever (104.3 (while ON Tylenol- not sure how high it would have gotten without meds), bringing us to the ER Friday morning for Steriods, and keeping us home much of the weekend for a very overtired little baby girl.  I am so grateful for modern medicine and doctors and SO thankful that they could give Larkyn something to allow reduce the swelling in her voicebox and allow her to breathe and sleep!  Despite the unfortunate circumstances, both Paul and I individually noted that we tried to cherish the moments of having our littlest baby sleeping in our arms as we know these baby days are fleeting.
"Sleeping" with Mommy

Sticker at the doctor
Very feverish little girl coming home from ER
Larkyn is now on the tail end of her virus, but she unfortunately shared it with her big brother :(.  Even though we are staying close to home thus far, and all three kids have hoarse voices(!), we have still managed to have fun!  I truly love having all three kids home!  Both Colton and Larkyn have enjoyed having their big sister and playmate home too, and I have enjoyed watching their relationships grow even in the few days Summer has been home.

Our garden is doing so well!

Picking some strawberries!

Modeling her curls from the humidity ;)

Larkyn has found Summer to be a new playmate, and its fun to watch Summer interact with her in a different way (as an older sister) than Colton (as a playmate).

Sisters being silly

Sweet sisters

Our van had some issues this weekend, so we had to take it in to the shop.  Paul managed to squeeze all three carseats into his car so I could make our grocery run today!

Summer and Colton literally played ALL DAY together can be seen by this MESS!  They truly play so well together, and I am so grateful.  I know Colton loves having his big sister home, as she has a talent for creating fun games and he loves being included :).
 Despite sickness and car trouble, I could not be more grateful for the BLESSINGS of this past week - having my three favorite littles home with me ALL DAY. <3 br="">


The Baum Family said...

Oh, Kel! What craziness!! Croup is what sent Cora to the ER our first night in our new house. It's a scary sickness. SO fun to have all your babies back together!

Jill said...

So scary to have Loo so sick. Glad everyone is healthy now!

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