Thursday, June 30, 2016

End of Soccer

Tonight was our last soccer game.  For me, it was bittersweet, as it was such a fun season and I loved having our whole family involved.  Games were fun and it was great to be outside!  On the flip side, it will be nice to have relaxed evenings with family dinners again on Tuesdays and Thursdays, especially as we start ramping up our weekend traveling for various family reunions/get-to-gethers :).  It was a great season!

Each kid received a trophy and went to shake Coach Shawn and Coach Paul's hand.

I was so proud of Colton this season.  He held his own on a team of kids that were all 2-3 years older than he was.  He was fearless and competative with kids much bigger than him, yet he never grew frustrated if he didn't score as much as others.  He had such a positive attitude and I can honestly say he LOVED every minute of soccer this season.  I saw him grow in confidence, proactiveness, strategy, and understanding of the game.  Colton can't wait to play again!
Summer had a good season, but said her favorite part of soccer was the snacks her teammates brought and shared!  She wasn't as competitive as I had imagined she would be with her brother on her team and I was so proud to see her encouraging him and truly being teammates instead of the competitors they are in backyard soccer.  At times neither of them would go for the ball as they both waited for the other to get it! 

While she did score twice and did help her team, she was generally more of a happy and encouraging observer on the field rather than a proactive aggressive player.  She mentioned that if given the choice between the two, she would prefer to dance than play soccer ;). 
This week's Tuesday game had more superfans!  We are abundantly blessed with such supportive family for our kids' activities!

Although this picture's posing is awkward ;), I couldn't resist posting a picture that had all 5 of us in it :)
After the kids last soccer game, the Blue Cheetah's went out to DQ for ice cream together!  Pictured on this bench is Bri (Summer's pink sock twin) and Emiliano (Colton's superhero whom he talks about often and wants to be able to do E's moves!) What a fun way to end the year!


The Baum Family said...

Looks like everyone had a blast! Cute pics!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Loved being a fan!!!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Loved being a fan!!!

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