Saturday, December 5, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Tommerdahls - 2015 Christmas Letter

Hello, friends and family!  You should be receiving our Christmas card in the mail shortly, and here is the letter to go along with it, if you follow the link on our card :).  Merry Christmas!

Summer is 5 years old and is LOVING Kindergarten at our local school, Southview Elementary, with Mrs. Davis this year.  She looks forward to going each day!  She is also enjoying her first year of AWANA Sparks.  When home, Summer is most often found reading, playing "fort" or "city" or some creative game with her brother, or doing some sort of drawing, writing, or craft.  Summer started learning how to play the piano this year and absolutely loved being on her first soccer team with Coach Daddy and can't wait to play again!  She has a bubbly, smiley personality, loves Jesus, and loves to tell people about him. 

Colton is 3 years old, and does preschool at home with Mommy.  He loves anything with wheels!  When home, he is most often found putting together tracks in a new way for his trains to drive on, flying his airplanes around his room, or driving his matchbox cars.  He loves anything with Lightning McQueen or Dusty Crophopper, the stars of the animated movies Cars and Planes.  Colton enjoys Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings and Sports Camp on Thursday mornings, but the highlight outing of his week is by far AWANA Cubbies, not only for the fun activities, but because Daddy is his leader!  Colton has a goofy, silly, personality that loves to make people laugh mixed with a very a sweet tender side.  He loves both of his sisters and is the perfect middle kid, enjoying doing special things with each.

 Larkyn is 1 year old and is enjoying her new freedom walking all over.  She is cuddly, smiley, and has the best giggle!  She plays the role of "tornado" in Colton's train track city and loves to rough house with her big brother.  At the same time, she loves taking care of her "baby", reading about "Elmo", and toddling around the house.  She loves to cuddle up and give hugs and kisses to her siblings.  She also attends Bible Study Fellowship on Wednesday mornings with Mommy and Colton and does a great job tagging along with her big siblings' schedules.

Paul and I celebrated 8 married years this past June and enjoyed a weekend anniversary trip to Redwing, MN.  This year, we teamed up and joined each other in each of our athletic pursuits - Paul convinced me to do a mud run with him in July (the Tough Mudder) and we both ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  Paul continues to work at Advantus Capital Management and I continue to love being home during the day with our kiddos and tutoring math from home in the evening.  We both love our small group of young parents from church that we meet with twice a month and just finished studying the book of Philippians together.  We also are both leaders for the kids at AWANA on Wednesday evenings.  We absolutely love our church, Chapel Hill in Eagan,volunteer in different ways, and love growing in our faith in Jesus Christ with the amazing people there.  Most of our time, however, is spent attempting to be the best parents we can be to our three little goofball blessings!

As we try to keep Christ at the center of our Christmas celebrations, we pray that you experience his coming in a real way this Christmas.  We thank Him for his many blessings, most especially, our salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Jill said...

Great letter, Kel! Love you all!

The Baum Family said...

Love this Kel!! ❤️

Kristin Bjorklund said...

I love how the kids individual photos really show their (adorable) personalities. =)

Unknown said...

I so enjoyed catching an inside peek into your fun, Godly family! Summer absolutely radiates the spirit of Jesus!

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