Saturday, December 5, 2015

Larkyn 17 months

This month has been one of the most fun months with Larkyn as she learned to walk.  This has turned her into quite a self-sufficient player and she will now entertain herself just walking around the house, picking up things, carrying them, etc.  She really doesn't cry much unless she is hungry.  It has been really fun see all her smiles this month as she continued to giggle as she walked long after she learned!

Larkyn loves to wear her siblings' goggles in the bathtub!

 Larkyn is very observant, and knows when she finds something, who it belongs to.  She knows whose shoes are whose, whose hats are whose, and even whose goggles in the bathtub are whose (the pink ones are Summer's and the blue ones are Colton's).  She surprises me, because we haven't talked about these things and others, she just knows from watching.  She has specific names for everyone...
she calls herself "Na-Na",
Summer is "Ma-Mer" or sometimes "Ma-Ma",
Colton is a throaty sound that sounds similar to "Nnnn, Nnnn"
Mommy is "Mommy"
Daddy is "Daddy"
Grandma is either "Ma-Ma" or "Gam-ma"
Grandpa is either "Ba-pa" or "Gam-pa"
She will repeat other people's names and know them for a while, but the above names she consistently uses.  Here are a few videos I took trying to capture how she says people's names...

Larkyn continues her personality trait of enjoying the "comfortable" over the "new" as seen this month in her book choices.  She will pick out books for us to read and bring them over, however she doesn't like a "new" library book, and will try and push it away, until I force her to read the whole thing once.  Then, it sometimes becomes a favorite we come back to again and again!  She just needs little nudges to branch out and try new things :).  One thing she loves lately is using Grandma's lotion from her purse.  She loves to have grandma squirt a little lotion on her hand, rub it in, and do it again and again!  She may be a girly-girl like her sister as she also is loving wearing bracelets lately!
Larkyn loves lotion!

Poor Larkyn got double pink eye this month.  She had quite an uncomfortable week, and we are on day 4 out of 7 of an every 6 hour eye ointment that we even have to wake her at night to give her.  She has returned to her normal happy self, however, which is so fun to see!  Nevertheless, we did a lot of cuddling and baby wearing :).  While I don't like to see her sick, I LOVED the extra cuddles. :)

Daddy has special nighttime routines with each kid - different series of fist bumps, elbow bumps, nose bumps etc!  I can't keep them all straight!  This month he taught Larkyn the "nose bump" and its pretty cute - see this video!

We love you Larkyn Emery, and can't imagine our family without your smile, cuddles, and giggles!


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Such sweetness!!!!! Love you so much, Larky-Loo!!

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