Thursday, December 31, 2015

Obermayer Christmas Celebration

Each year, on December 27th, for as long as I can remember, we get together with my mom's side of the family in Chicago.  I look forward even more to this celebration now, because everyone is spread out across the country, and it is one of two times each year that I get to see my cousins and their kids, who are similar in age to Summer, Colton, and Larkyn.  We drove 6 hours to Chicago on Saturday the 26th, and then the kids had a blast swimming at the hotel pool that afternoon!

We then went out for hotdogs at a Chicago favorite, Portillos.  The next day we all drove to my Aunt Nancy's house.  The kids had fun playing together.

GeeGee & her great-grandkids: Larkyn (1), Colton (3), Summer (5), Jemma (1), Jade (3) Cruz (5), Cora (3), Rowan (7).

Then some people went to pick up Chicago style pizza (mmmm!) and bring it back for dinner.  

The "big" kids table - Rowan (7), Cruz (5), Summer (5), Cora (3), Jade (3) Colton (3)

The cousins/babies table, including Larkyn (1) and Jemma (1).

The four lucky guys to have married into our clan - Roger, Eric, Paul, and Nate.

The "adults" :) - My mom and dad, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Paul, GeeGee, and Uncle Gary.

The original Obermayer family (except my Grandpa who is in heaven).

We had dessert as our dinner :)
Due to the CRAZY winter ice storm that suddenly was predicted for the following day when we were to drive home, Paul suggested we leave that night and drive straight home instead of back to the hotel.  Even though we didn't get in until 1:30am, I am so glad we did!  The roads were so ice-y and bad in Chicago the following day, that when my cousin's flight was cancelled, my uncle couldn't even drive to the airport to go pick them up!  It was quite an adventure with 3 families having flights that day and all getting very much delayed or cancelled!  I am glad everyone is safely home or in transit now - we loved seeing you all!  Thanks for the pictures, Mom!


The Baum Family said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys!!!! Can't wait for family weekend! ❤️

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