Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Larkyn 18 months

Well, I guess Larkyn is offically almost 18.5 months as I finally get around to this post!  Anyway, our littlest Tommerdahl is now officially A YEAR AND A HALF - woah!  And so much fun and full of personality!

She wore her first pig tails this month!

She is now weighed on the big kid scale at the doctor, instead of the baby one!

How big is Larkyn? SO big!  She is up to the 21st percentile for height (31 inches) and the 40th percentile for weight (22lbs).  Still a peanut, but definitely growing ;). 

One of my favorite current things Larkyn does is how she says "yeah" followed by a little giggle when I guess correctly what she is saying or wanting.  It is so cute!  She is still great about saying "thank you" without prompting when given something, however is unfortunately enjoying an equally frequent use of the word "no" (which she is learning to correct to "no thank you"!).  She definitely has opinions and loves to voice them!  She had her first timeouts this month, all surrounding screaming at the dinner table when she didn't want to finish the food in front of her before getting more of a favorite item.  A few minutes strapped into the bumbo in the other room, however, is enough to bring a much more well- mannered Larkyn back to the table :).  Larkyn is quite talkative and I am loving being able to have conversations with her now.  She is pretty good at most of her shapes and we are working on colors now.  She always gets "blue" right, but the others can be tricky.  We play a game with colored plastic circles and match them to the right color construction paper and she is pretty good at that.   She also is really loving to read now, which I absolutely LOVE, as it means a chance to cuddle!!!  She loves her small size Sesame Street books she got for Christmas, as well as many other books, and will get a book, come over to me in the middle of cleaning, cooking, or whatever else I am doing, and say, "read!"  I can't resist that :). 

She now has 8 teeth (four bottom middle, two top middle, and two top molars).  She is still in size 3 diapers, but (although some are a bit big) has officially graduated from 12 month to size 18 month clothes!

With both older kids, we transitioned them to big kid (twin size) beds between 18-20 months because I was pregnant with their sibling who was waiting to use the crib :).  While there is no little sibling waiting for the crib in this case, we find that this age seemed to be a good time to make the transition and decided to do the same for Larkyn.  While it is a bit bittersweet to be selling/giving away all the nursery items and baby things, I am so excited as I am decorating Larkyn's big girl room!  I chose to do a pink and purple owl theme for her, which is especially fun because I picked it before I knew how much she loves owls!  Family generously bought her the cutest bedding and decor for her birthday Christmas presents this past year, so it is all ready in the closet as soon as we have the furniture in place.  Paul and I painted her room on New Years Day from nursery yellow to cotton candy pink. 

The girls, staying out of trouble, reading in the crib, while we get ready to paint.
Last picture of the yellow nursery!
We have been scouting Craigslist and online garage sale sites for about a month looking for a twin bed for her, and I think we have finally found one we like, at a good price!  We we will be (hopefully) picking up the bed this weekend and I am super excited to put the room all together.  In the meantime, I am working on making new valances for her window - I think they are going to turn out really cute :).   Stay tuned for pictures of her new big girl room coming soon! :)

We love you, Larky-Loo! :)


Jill said...

LOVE, LOVE that girl!

The Baum Family said...

Love!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Kristin Bjorklund said...

Can't get enough of you, Larky-Loo!

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