Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Updates on S and C: Summer (gymnastics and piano) and Colton (sports camp and reading)

A few January updates on S and C...

S and C doing a "science experiment" with a new set Colton got for Christmas from my Aunt Nancy

This month, Summer started back at piano lessons and gymnastics.  She took 6 weeks of piano lessons this summer, but we took a break when she started full day school to see how that went first.  Piano is going really well and she is doing amazing at her practicing.  She catches on quickly.  We changed teachers to find one a bit closer to us, and one who teaches on Sunday evenings, which works out well for our family schedule.  Regarding gymnastics, Summer took gymnastics when she was a toddler/preschooler and has been asking for over a year to go back!  Summer absolutely LOVES gymnastics.  She has a perma-smile the whole time, looks forward to it all week, and is sad when it is done.  Here are a few pictures and video from this week:

"Mom look at the chalk!"

Colton started back at sports camp this week.  He has coach Jill for this session of sports camp.  Because I volunteer at Summer's school during his class this session, Grandma K takes him.  I miss being able to watch him, but Grandma took great video of him for me so I could watch him ;) so I will share that here (thank you Grandma!).  In at-home preschool we have been learning to sound out words and also memorizing sight words.  He is sounding out many 3-letter words all on his own and has 10-15 sight words memorized.  We often play different games with his words during our school session and he has started to read some very beginner level books.  Here are some videos and pictures of Colton:


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Precious little kiddos!!

The Baum Family said...

Fun updates!!! Look like everyone is busy but having fun! <3

Jill said...

Both kiddos are so adorable in their athletic classes!

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