Friday, January 15, 2016

Tommerdahl Christmas

Grandpa T captured all three kids smiling, and two out of  three three looking at the camera - quite the feat!  Good job Grandpa T!
This year, we celebrated Christmas with the Tommerdahl side on the weekend of Jan 8-10th.  It was really fun to have a Christmas to look forward to after all the other celebrations were done!  It was also fun to truly look forward to and enjoy each Christmas celebration, as we had time to rest up in between celebrations.  A huge thank you to Grandpa T, who took so many fun pictures documenting our weekend together!

When we first arrived Friday night, the kids had a few minutes before bed to hang out.  Summer read to Auntie Madison.

Colton admired Grandma and Grandpa's train and tracks by the tree and cuddled/played with the boys :)

After the kids went to bed, we all ate a delicious nacho dinner and enjoyed great uninterrupted conversation, catching up on life.

Haha, I love this pic of Ty and Walter!

On Saturday morning, Auntie Sarah used cookie cutters to make special Christmas shaped pancakes :)

This girl LOVES the frozen blueberries she always gets at Grandma T's house!

I love how Grandpa T catches this girls' expressions....

Her mischievous grin ;)

Reading with "Ba-Pa"

Uncle Jordan brought his guitar into the bathroom and serenaded the kids while they brushed their teeth...and let them play with him too :)
Cuddles with a GREAT uncle!

Grandpa and Colton did their "elephant" together...

and of course, after the elephant, is lots of giggles!

Grandma T found an Elmo book at their library!  Big hit with the littlest of our clan.

Grandma T got up early with the kids each day and read them library books for an hour while Mommy and Daddy slept in!

Paul wishes he had a dog as good as Grandpa's dog Bode ;)

Ty snuggled with our "nephew dog" Walter :)

Colton loved playing air hockey with Uncle J

haha!  this picture makes me laugh!

I love this stocking opening action shot!  The kids are so excited to show each other what they got - Summer got a card making kit and Colton got the second Dusty the Crophopper airplane movie.

Larkyn feeding Grandma's baby with her new bottles

And, feeding herself too ;)

Summer got busy right away in her "office" making cards

Colton cannot get enough of these cars and tracks! 

Soccer for Uncle Javonte and Jordan.  Summer and I enjoyed reading the Boxcar children while waiting for dinner to be ready.

Princess Sarah putting the last layer on Grandma T's amazing layer jello!

What a FEAST!  SO delicious! 

Then, present time!  Larkyn got such cute baby doll things and also  LOVED her Sesame street beanbag characters!

Colton's smile could not get any bigger ;) He got quite a few new planes from the Dusty movie and literally has been playing every waking moment this week with his new planes.

Summer was so excited about her pink cowgirl boots and Littlest Pet Shop toys!

We all had fun trying to be "as excited as the kids" when we opened our presents :)

Grandpa T's artistic photo shoot for Larkyn while we were all getting ready for church...

Summer learning Cats Cradle with Auntie Madison

My handsome partner and I scheming in our big Settlers of Catan game

It was such a fun weekend and we are so grateful for such loving family.  Thank you for having us all over Grandma and Grandpa T and for all the great food and love you shower on us!  We love you!


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Great pictures, Stuart! Looks like a wonderful celebration!

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