Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kirkwood Christmas - December 17-19

We celebrated Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa K the weekend before Christmas this year.  We all piled in for a fun, relaxing, and family filled weekend.  We arrived after Summer finished school on Friday, and the kids loved playing with Grandma's toys.

All 3 kids enjoy the fun Elmo videos on Grandma's phone.  Larkyn will point at Grandma's back pocket and say, "Nooone, Elmo" (phone, Elmo) when she sees Grandma!

Summer spent most of the afternoon using Grandma's writing supplies to write a story, this one entitled, "The Five Noses".  The dramatic reading by Daddy and Uncle Eric created many giggles as we waited for everyone to be ready to open presents!

Larkyn loved pushing around Grandma's "baby" in the shopping cart.

Colton looking at one of Grandma's books.  He also played much of the time with Grandma's train and other toys!

After the traditional "Christmas Eve" pizza dinner , Grandma gave the kids matching PJ's!

Reading the Christmas story with Grandpa

Reading about the real St. Nick with Grandma

Christmas morning stockings!

Grandma gives each kid an ornament each year - Larkyn got an owl, Summer got a princess castle, and Colton (despite his face in this picture lol!) loved his train!  Summer's favorite gift was a fancy Lego set, Colton loved the trains and tracks, and Larkyn loved the Sesame Street  figurines.  They are also really excited for their gifts of one-on-one  "dates" with Grandma and Grandpa that will happen in the beginning of the new year.
Grandma decorated the dining room all fancy and we had a delicious Christmas dinner.
My favorite parts of the weekend included great food, dominoes as a family, a "Christmas Day" run with my dad, and all the great family time.  Thank you for all the work you put into giving us such a fun weekend, Grandma and Grandpa K!


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