Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer's 1st Day of Kindergarten

As much as I somehow naively thought the day would never come, it did, and my first baby started kindergarten on Tuesday.  It is amazing how many people, when I first had baby Summer, would say, "It goes so fast!  Soon you will be sending her off to kindergarten!" ~ and yet, it really seemed like that was SO FAR OFF!  Crazy.  It's not cliche.  Time goes SOOOO fast!  Yes, I cried my share of tears (all hidden from Summer, thankfully!) but my hubby was SO GOOD to me in letting me process my thoughts and feelings and just listening.  I am so proud of the little girl Summer is already, and she couldn't have been any more excited!  I was so happy she was so confident and excited about this transition as it made it easier on her Momma's heart :).

Biking to school

Heading up to the kindergarten door

Putting her bike in the bike rack

Daddy and the kindergartener :)

Thumbs up!
The bell rang, Summer just walked right in all confident, not even looking back!  This was the moment that got me! ;) 

Biking home
Doing her homework

About her first day

"Summer and the Southview Wolf"

Summer has had a great first week so far, and each morning is ready to go again!  I love my little kindergartner!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Good job mom and yay Summy!!!!

Jill said...

Aw, there might have been a few grandma tears from afar, too. *Sniff* So proud of Summer. And, good job, Mommy. I know it's not easy to send your first child off to school.

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