Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Art Sale

Art Sale!

Last May, I showed Summer and Colton pictures of the home belonging to our missionary friend in Haiti.




Summer was shocked and immediately wanted to do something to help.  And thus was born the idea of an Art Sale, using her talents to raise money to help people who don't have as much as she does. 

Summer and Colton were very excited about their plans and busily worked all summer making 100ish pieces of art including clay pieces, decorated paper airplanes, and original artwork of all kinds.

I absolutely love Colton's "snail", "roll", and "handle" pictures, as he titled them!

A small sampling of their artwork
 The project we chose to support with their fundraising is , an organization that partners with local schools to buy food for kids in our own district whose hunger is satisfied during the school day through free and reduced breakfasts and lunches but who go hungry on the weekends. It costs $130 to provide food for one kid on the weekends this school year. Our goal was to support at least one of those kids.  We decided to hold the art sale on Monday August 31st from 5-7pm and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Sheridan project.

The kids did a great job advertising their sale.  Summer wrote a flyer and the kids brought it to Uncle Eric's work (he works as a copier salesman) to make copies.  They then (literally) ran all over the neighborhood during 3 separate half hour+ time periods to distribute the flyers to newspaper boxes.  I was amazed at their energy and how much they loved it and didn't get bored!  They loved "delivering mail".

Summer's flyer

Running to the next set of mailboxes to deliver fliers
 Many people who live outside of our neighborhood heard about the sale and pre-ordered art through the mail and were very generous in their donations.  Here Summer is mailing the first of three installments of art that have already gone out in the mail!

 On the day of the art sale, the kids each wrote on one side of the sign we put by our driveway.  Colton wrote this side...

Then, the three of us worked together during Larkyn's nap to string up their artwork using clothes pins and paperclips onto a string tied between two trees.  The very windy day made this job quite interesting!

Clay peices, etc were on a table.  I LOVE Summer's red fuzz ball "snorkler" with the pipe cleaner snorkle!  She is so creative.

Summer worked the cash box.  We also set up a laptop so people could watch a 5 min clip of about what they were supporting.  Click here to see what our shoppers watched.

It turned out to be an AWESOME sale with such amazing support from friends, neighbors, family, former students, and even parents of my former students!  The kids raised over $300 (money is still coming in from mail orders so I am not sure of the exact total) which will be enough to support over TWO kids!  Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our excited artists and the Sheridan Story!

 After all the mail-order money comes in, we plan to visit the Sheridan Story warehouse for a tour, bringing in the kids' cash box so they can hand-deliver their donation.   I am so proud of their heart to help others!!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

I'm so proud of all of you!!! (PS I bought the snail =)

Jill said...

So proud of all of you for caring so much and taking action to help hungry kiddos. Grandpa and I are enjoying our beautiful artwork!

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