Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tough Mudder - July 19

Paul and I ran the Tough Mudder with our good friends Craig and Kristin
Last year, Paul ran the Tough Mudder with some guys from church.   He had so much fun, he convinced me to do it with him this year!  I was a little nervous as to what I was getting myself into, but I was REALLY excited to do something TOGETHER with Paul.  It ended up being even more fun than I imagined!  Tough Mudder is a 10 mile obstacle course type mud run.  Obstacles include things like climbing over tall walls, under low hanging barb wire, through electric shock wires, through mud pits, climbing over large obstacles, under nets, across monkey bars, and jumping off high platforms, along with other creative type obstacles.  (Click here if you want to see someone else's video of what we did, but note that you may want to turn down the sound as not all the music has edifying language :) ).  Tough Mudder posted a few free pictures of everyone, so here are some of the ones they posted of Paul and I.

This was the "Mount Everest" challenge....you had to sprint up a curved wall...

and get over the top...

Mount Everest

Paul running through the muddy water, over hay bales, and through the dangling electrically charged wires that shock you if you touch them!

I tried to dodge as many as I could but still managed to get shocked several times!
Crossing the uphill monkey bars, swinging to the trapeze, and swinging down the large pole

Me on the monkey bar obstacle

I was able to do most of the obstacles, but needed a little help on some.  This one I had to use my feet on the side walls a little to help get all the way across.

Kristin and I buddied up for the wounded warrior carry, where you carry a buddy for 50 yards and then switch

Paul and Craig buddied up for this event

My favorite part of all was doing the challenges with my hubby, my favorite teammate in the world!


When we signed up, we asked Grandma and Grandpa T if they wanted babysit for the day while we we ran the race.  They in turn asked us if they could have the kids for a WEEK for Grandma and Grandpa camp!  I said I would miss them too much for a whole week ;) but we agreed on a weekend, haha!  SO nice to have grandparents who WANT to be with our kids and love them so much!  The next post will be pictures from Grandma and Grandpa camp...but before that I will share a bit more about Paul and my date weekend...

On Friday night we had a date to one of our favorite places - FIVE GUYS burgers and shakes.  Mmmm!  That night was a massive storm here, and as we went down to the basement when the sirens went off we were thankful our kids were up north at Grandma and Grandpa's instead of here, as we would have had to wake them.  On Saturday morning, we woke up to a text that said the Tough Mudder had been CANCELLED due to the high winds and damage on the course.  The team was going to work hard to see if they could fix it up and reschedule for the next day, Sunday.  We decided to go for a long run together and do quite a bit of yard work.  It was fun to work as a team, as often yard work is spent with one person working and the other caring for/watching the kids.  Even though it was work, it was fun to do together and get something checked off the list.  It was quite a hot day, so we decided to get out of the sun for a while and do some shopping at our favorite outlet mall.  We then drove to Blaine to eat at Texas Roadhouse, and go to a Minnesota United soccer game.  Super fun!

Date night at Minnesota United Soccer Game
While at the game, we found out via email that the Tough Mudder was ON and that we would run tomorrow afternoon!  Yay!  So, on Sunday after church, we drove to Hudson, WI where the tough Mudder was held and met up with half of our team (the other half couldn't make it the reschedule day) and had a total blast!

Our team BEFORE the mud...

Our team AFTER the mud...!
Sunday night, we drove home, got cleaned up and ready to spend a few days up north at Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer with the kiddos.  It truly was a blessing weekend to spend uninterrupted time with my hubby.  Love him!


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Oh, goodness! No words for the pics of the Mudder. Yikes! Can't imagine getting shocked and encountering barbed wire....all in the mud. Hmm. ;o) So glad you had a great time! Good job!

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