Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sisters Birthday Celebration

Sisters :)
 Larkyn turned 1 on July 1st, and Summer will be turning 5 on August 3rd, so we decided to combine their family birthday parties into one big sisters celebration.  Summer loves Elsa (from the Disney movie Frozen) right now, so it seemed quite appropriate to do a "sister" theme birthday party with sisters Elsa and Anna, whose "true sister love" for each other was the theme of the movie Frozen.  Summer had Elsa decorations (the older sister from the movie) and Larkyn had Anna decorations (the younger sister from the movie), and we had quite a bit of fun picking out decor, cupcakes, and paper goods to go with the sister theme.

 Our family was QUITE generous, and showered both girls with many lovely things.

Summer got a new, bigger bike, complete with pom-poms on the handles, a glitter jewel attached purse filled with jewelry, and very pink bike bell.  Perfect!  She has already ridden it several times and loves it!

She also got Olaf and Kristoff to go with her Elsa and Anna dolls.

She got a personalized piano book bag, which is all packed and ready to go for tomorrow's lesson!

A pink journal, complete with lip stick pen for our little girl who goes through journals and paper faster than ever!

A wedding set for her doll house

A massive box of card making/ art supplies (which she got to work on right away)

And lots of accessories, including glasses, sunglasses, hair things, a tiara, a rainbow colored Twins hat, dresses, and a gift card to her favorite store, Claires!

Reading her card
 Thank you to all who so generously blessed our favorite 5 year old.  You can tell these gifts were all picked out specifically with Summer in mind!!!!!

Then it was Larkyn's turn to open gifts.  She opened a few on her own, but big brother Colton was a super helper!

She loved the donut wrapping paper best!

Inside this one was a ball popper, which has already added quite constant volume and fun to our home ;)

I love this sibling shot of Larkyn opening her ducky!

She loved the cards!  Especially one with a puppy on it :)

When family asked for ideas for Larkyn, we decided that because she had so many toys from brother and sister, we would start collecting items for her big girl room!  We are doing a pastel colored owl theme in her big girl room after she outgrows her crib, and she opened so many adorable owl themed gifts.


I am in love with owl comforter Larkyn is climbing on top of ;)  Isn't this growth chart adorable?!

Such a sweet clock for our sweet girl
Super cute hooks!
Thank you to everyone for all the sweet things for Larkyn!

Because both our girls LOVE breakfast, our birthday meal theme was "breakfast for dinner".   We had:

Waffles made by the most handsome waffle maker...;)

Complete with a "waffle bar" assortment of toppings including peanut butter, nutella, cinnamon, strawberries, blueberries, whip cream, butter, and syrup.  Also note the gynormous fruit salad my mom brought!  Summer LOVES fruit and would eat it until it came out her ears ;).

It was fun to see how everyone decorated their waffles - everybody's plates all looked different, and so yummy!

We also had a hashbrown/sausage/cheese egg bake (awesome crock pot recipe, btw!)
And one of my favorite spinach/cheese quiche dishes

And SMOOTHIES!  We made a mixed berry (red) version and a tropical fruit (orange) version and intermixed the table with the two kinds.
  The smoothies were perfect, as it was a VERY hot and humid day!
We set a record for our kitchen - 17 people!  It was so great to have Uncle Jordan and Auntie Madison join us this year, as they just moved from Colorado last month.  We are SO blessed to have such wonderful family join us!  I was so excited EVERYONE could make it!
We sang to both girls and Summer giggled as she blew out her candle.  Larkyn was deathly afraid of the cupcake!  At each successive interaction with "the cupcake" she is quicker to tear up and now will start to pout even if someone ELSE is eating one!  Too funny. Silly girl.

After a few calming hugs from Mommy, she realized the cupcake wouldn't get her ;) , and she settled down to enjoy some ice cream :-)
Happy Birthday Sweet Girls!


Jill said...

You did a fabulous job planning a party for so many people and on such a hot, humid day in MN. It was such a perfect celebration for two adorable sisters. And, brother Colton, was so sweet with his sisters. :)

The Baum Family said...

How fun!!! Looks like a super cute party! Can't wait to see you soon!!!!

The O'Connor Family said...

Perfect theme!! Love the matching dresses! Looks like a great party, Kel!

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