Sunday, July 5, 2015

Larkyn's Kiddie Birthday Party

On Tuesday, June 30th (the day before Larkyn turned 1) we had a kiddie party for her at the Burnsville Splash Pad.  My goal was to do a similar party like I did for Summer's 1 year birthday.  We played in the water, had baby snacks available (puffs, graham crackers).  We wore party hats.  We ate cupcakes. 

However, when Summer was 1, she invited 6 other first-born baby friends.  Larkyn's baby friends all have 1-3 older siblings (just as Larkyn does!) so the party guest list got pretty big :).  The splash pad was the perfect place to host many kids in a fun and easy way. 

We had a kid friendly, somewhat healthy snack lunch including Go-Gurt, peanut butter crackers, apple sauce pouches, string cheese, juice boxes, and cupcakes.

Each kid got to pick a watering can or a squirt gun toy to play with at the splash pad.

Colton entertained himself the entire time splashing around and playing in the water.

Socialite Summer probably spent more time talking than playing in the water :)

Larkyn "walked" through the water much of the time, "drummed" the water, and enjoyed watching the fountain.

Summer and twins Faith and Noelle all had Ariel suits!

We spent much of the time in this lower pool at the splash pad.


More friends

Some mom friends :)

Larkyn and Carter are just one day apart and Jessi and I were neighbors in the hospital!  (We also taught together at the local high school and had our first two kids roughly the same time too!)

Lunch time!
 Singing to Larkyn:

*Note: Yes, the crying kid in the background IS Colton.  He was very disappointed that he didn't know we were starting to sing (and he wanted to sing along too), so instead of jumping in and singing with us, he started crying because he wanted us to start over for him (or so I found out AFTER we finished singing!).  Oh well.  Keepin' it real :)

Eating :)

Larkyn and Carter
Larkyn and Tenley
 I missed getting a picture with Larkyn with her baby friends Lilah (used to be our neighbor) and Cayden (just one month younger!).  We missed Lincoln who last minute couldn't come. 

Thank you Grandma for all your help and for these pictures!  We love you!


Kristin Bjorklund said...

Haha Colty Buddy!!! I want to give him a big hug. =)

Jill said...

So blessed to be a part of the day. Kel, you have such awesome friends and their kiddos are just a delight. Fun to see all those babies from 5 years ago and all of the little siblings that have followed. Larkyn is an adorable birthday girl. (Note: Thanks so Jessi Brink for comforting Colton when I had my hands full videotaping the singing. She went right over and took care of him. :))

Jessi Brink said...

SO fun to be a part of it :)

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