Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obermayer Family Reunion - July 24-26

We had a quick one day at home between getting home from Grandma and Grandpa T's trailer and starting our 7 hour drive to Chicago for a family reunion on my mom's side of the family.  It was a fast turn around, but we made it, squeezing in laundry and repacking along with a large library run of books and dvd's to make our 14 hours in the car more fun :).  The kids did GREAT on the drive, including Larkyn, who is normally our wild card.  My cousins on my moms side and I grew up together in Chicago and hung out a lot and were always close.  Now we see them twice a year (Christmas and summer) and still feel close!  Our kids are similar ages and we like to think of their kids as our kids' cousins. 

This year, my grandma gave the kids t-shirts with numbers according to what number "great-grandchild" they were.  Rowan (7 yrs old) was the first great-grandchild, so he was #1.  Cruz (5 yrs old) was the second great-grandchild so he was #2, and Summer (4 yrs old) was the third great-grandchild so she was #3.  Then came Jade (3 yrs), Colton (3yrs), Cora (2 yrs), Larkyn (1 year), and Jemma (10 months).  It was SO SO SO much fun to have all of them together!

From left to right in age ascending order:  Jemma, Larkyn, Cora, Colton, Jade, Summer, Cruz, and Rowan.
On Friday morning we all met for our traditional breakfast at Walker Brothers Pancake House

All four of these guys were lucky enough to marry into the Obermayer craziness ;) Paul, Eric, Nate, and Roger

My mom and her brother were the start of the crazy families pictured above!  We missed seeing her other brother, Gary, and his family, who now live in Florida.

We went to the park after breakfast.  My cousin Amanda and our Auntie Kristin were always close cousins as they are only a two months apart in age.  Jemma (Amanda's daughter) and Larkyn are only two months apart in age!

Larkyn and Jemma

Larkyn and Jemma

Alison and I were always especially close cousins as we were only 9 months apart.  We now share many things in common, including 3 kids a piece who have similar personalities!  We connect a fair amount throughout the year via technology, but nothing beats face to face convo.  Love her. :)

With our Grandma (a.k.a. Gee Gee)

Although my mom and my Aunt are not sisters, they sure seem like it!

LOVE this pic!

Ladder golf at the park

Playing at the hotel

Game afternoon

Gee Gee and her 8 great grandkids

Gee Gee and her 8 great grandkids

We celebrated Gee Gee's 88th birthday, which was the week before we all gathered.

The kids all got along great ... coloring...

Playing at a local splash pad

We four girl cousins grew ups so close, we are glad our 4 hubbies get along too!  After the kids were in bed each night, grandparents stayed at the hotel to watch the kids and we 8 had a ton of kid-free fun playing whirly ball and mini golf. 

A huge thank you to my Uncle Paul who organized the whole reunion, planning out where and what time we would eat and getting our huge group all organized.  We had so much fun seeing everyone and it went so smoothly due to this guy's great planning and work.  Also a huge shout out to my mom, who took and organized all the pictures.  I love this family!


The Baum Family said...

I love this post Kel!!! And I love the pic of us talking even though we felt funny when your mom was taking it, haha!!! We love you and your sweet family! My kids haven't stopped talking about all the fun they had!

Jill said...

Such a blessing to spend a weekend together with everyone! So neat to see the next generation making memories together, too.

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