Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer's Last Soccer Game

Summer's last soccer game was on Larkyn's birthday.  She finished her soccer season with a bang, scoring 3 goals!  It was especially fun that Grandma K, Uncle Jordan, and Auntie Madison were there to watch :).  She has improved SO much this season, from being more of a "reactive" player to a "proactive" player.  She is still the same sweet girl, but she is quite the tough trooper on the field, getting up when she gets knocked over, driving the ball to the goal, and is quite strong on defense.  She still has her same smile throughout the game and it is fun to watch her play.  Here are 4 short clips from her last game, including two of her three goals (I missed the last one on video) and her getting her end of season trophy ;).

Now it is Colton's turn!  He is SO excited!  He is playing soccer through the YMCA starting tomorrow night in a Tuesday night league and he can't wait! More to come on that :)


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