Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Colton Soccer

It's Colton's turn!  Colton has been waiting so patiently for his turn to play soccer - it's finally here!  Colton is playing soccer through the YMCA and he is in the Tuesday night 3 year old league.  He has such a sweet and energetic coach, Nicki, whose daughter Laney is also on Colton's team.  Here are a few pictures from his first practice...

Colton was very serious during the drills and tried to do exactly what Coach said.  You could see he was disappointed in himself when he couldn't do it perfectly the first time.  He is such a perfectionist!  I was really proud of him not bursting into tears when he couldn't do something, like fast alternate foot toe taps on the ball.  He just waited and followed the next direction.  Good job buddy!

He did a great job following directions and was one of the fastest dribblers during practice.

So focused :)

Ready to scrimmage the yellow team

While Colton has no problem tackling his sister to take the soccer ball from her when they play in the backyard, he was a little more timid with players he didn't know.  He actually reminded me of Summer on her first practice.  Paul and I laugh about how we spend the kids' whole life teaching them not to take things from other people, but then tell them to "go take the ball away from the yellow team!" 

So excited it is HIS turn to play!

My big 3 year old.  Love him :)


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