Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer is ONE!

Our little girl turned ONE yesterday!  We had quite the day celebrating!!!  We tried to do as many of Summer's favorite things as possible.  Here is a run down of her day:
  • In the morning we frosted cupcakes and set up the kiddie pool, and played with Summer's favorite toys (including mommy's cell phone!)   (she can say "phone" now, and she will stand on her tippy toes to get it off of mommy's dresser!)
  • After Summer's nap and lunch, 9 little baby friends came over for a swimming party!  Summer has always loved bath time, so pool time is just a big bath!  
  • For snack, we had cupcakes, and Summer's favorite snacks: graham crackers and animal crackers and puffs. (She calls the graham crackers "Ga-Ca-Ca")
  • We blew bubbles at the party, another one of Summer's favorite things.  (she calls them "bubba").
  • After all the celebrating she needed another nap.  For dinner we had one of Summer's favorite meals, spaghetti. 
  • Then we took Summer to the park before it was time for bed. She loves the swings and the slide!
It was a big day and a lot of fun!  We have lots of video and pictures to document the day because both my mom and Paul are excellent photographer/videographers!  Thanks guys!


Tucker ready for the Party

 Summer having fun in the pool!

Some of Summer's friends having fun in the pool!


    This is so much fun!

    Paul came home from work just in time for the party!

    Walking with daddy

    Going to say hi to brother Tucker :)

    Lily and Sydney: Sydney trying to give Lily a hug!  so cute!

    Here is Summer's "cake" , and then I will show video of her eating it.  She actually liked the animal crackers better than the cake!

    Paul taking a picture of the table
    Paul's artistic shot

    Singing to Summer

    A few pictures....

    All the babies, (except Lily and Hannah)

    Almost all looking at the camera!!!

    The mommies and babies

    Rachael and Adry: We love these two!  They are also our jogging buddies!   

    Kristine and Sydney:  Sydney was the first walker of the group, starting at 8 months! So cute!

    Joy, Noelle, and Faith: our wonderful neighbors!

    Jade and Brandon: Jade teaches me a ton about cooking and more!  Brandon is the only boy of the group.

    LaDonna and Addison: Summer and Addison love to talk when they get together, it is so funny!  (Of course their mommies really do too!)

    My favorite little one year old!

    Look up Summer!  we're taking a picture!  (too busy with her birthday treats!)

    Grandma was busy taking pictures for me the whole party, but we had to stop and get one of her and Summer!

    Jessi and Hannah: Jessi and I got to teach together at Apple Valley High School!  She has always been a big help knowing "what comes next", both in pregnancy, and with our kiddos, as Hannah is 5 months older than Summer.

    Kaity and Adelyn: We just met these two recently and it has been so much fun getting to know them!
    ***(Tara and Lily had to leave before we got a picture of them, sorry, Tara! Lily and Summer are just 5 hours apart, (same hospital, same doctor!) and it has been fun watching them grow up together.  :)

    Summer and I are soooooooooooooo blessed to have so many wonderful mommies and babies in our lives.  We love them!  They are so special!!!!

    After cupcakes, we washed the babies off in the pool~!  Then we blew bubbles.

    Here are the babies playing in the water again.
    After a nap, Summer got to have spaghetti for dinner.
    Then we went to the park.

    Often when you put Summer at the top of a slide, she will use both hands to start herself down the slide right away, but this time she took a while and we thought it was hilarious!


    The Baum Family said...

    Aww, looks like a fun day! Happy birthday!

    Jill said...

    I was so blessed to be able to help at Summer's party and meet all of your friends. All of the mommies and babies are so sweet. Thanks to all of them for being such good friends to Kelly and Summer.
    Kelly, you did a great job of covering Summer's whole day! :) So proud of you and Paul for the amazing parents that you are to Summer.
    Much love!

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