Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tommerdahl week at the trailer

We spent this last week at the Tommerdahl's trailer in Battle Lake, MN.  We had so much fun swimming, fishing, eating, and catching up with family.  Summer loved seeing all the dogs and loved to point and say their names: Tucker (caca), Roco (coco), Annie (nana), and Bode (Ba).  Summer got to meet her second cousin Kopal for the first time, as well as see second cousin Jackson (same age/same birthday as Summer) again.  Here are some videos and pictures to document the weekend

This was Summer's favorite part of the weekend....walking/exploring the campground with Grandma!  The first video is the "short version" and the second video is the"long version" if you want to see more of the campground!


Summer LOVED this little dog Roco and chased him all over saying "coco,coco".  She also had a great time playing with her great grandma Sandy!

Walking with mommy
The dogs keeping a lookout

Our fine dog ;)
Summer and Daddy
Singing Summer's favorite song "Bouncing up and down in my little red wagon"
Look alikes :)
Walking with Daddy
My first time meeting Kopal!  So cute!  (6 months)
Kopal and Summer playing in the pool
Great Grandma, Mommy, and Summer
I love you, Summer Tenleigh!
Daddy loves you too!
My handsome hubby!
Daddy and Summer swimming
Family picture
Grandpa and Summer
Grandma is so much fun!

 Playing by the pool with Jackson


Jill said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the trailer. I LOVE the video of Summer leading Grandma T. all over the campground. Those chubby little legs sure get going! :)

The Baum Family said...

These are soo cute! Looks like such a fun time! I love the one of Grandma swinging Summer by her hands... Her grin is the best. :)

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