Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reading, Spider Math, and More

I haven't posted much about pre-school and tot-school related things in a while...

Summer: Reading & More

Currently, Summer is absolutely loving reading, writing and workbook pages!  Lately we have been doing a lot of our preschool in the afternoon while the little sibs are sleeping.   Just in the past week she has made a dramatic leap in her reading and is loving reading multiple beginner reader books a day.  Here is a little video...it is kind of long...but it shows how she is connecting the dots at this point...

She was pretty excited to read FIVE books yesterday!

I picked up this box at a consignment sale and this is what we have been reading out of lately

She will do workbook pages as long as I will sit and give her the directions ;)

Here she is coloring pictures, cutting them out, and sorting them by their vowel sound

Colton: Name Tracing, Candy Graphs, and Spider Math

Colton has definitely improved on tracing his name...

Practicing the letters in his name

He still loves making candy graphs and will request to do them!

Here is a video of a new spider math game we tried this week...


Larkyn is usually napping when we do school, so I'll just include some recent pictures here!

Summer LOVES playing with her little sister!

Colton wanted to give L a ride in the laundry basket boat...

The laundry basket boat morphed into a laundry basket train...

L is often found sucking these two fingers

Profile shot!

Grandma K!

Daddy Kisses!

Those cheeks are so kissable!

Grandma T!

Bible Learning

I haven't posted our verses of the week for December yet!  We get our verse each week at BSF and practice it whenever we eat a meal.  Then we video them each Tuesday before we get our new verse...here are the last two weeks worth...(Looking back the kids have memorized almost 50 verses this year!)

2 Corinthians 9:7 For God loves a cheerful giver.

Psalm 148:8 The Lord is near to all who call on him.

We have been enjoying reading the Christmas story A LOT out of both my big Bible and the kids' Bibles.  I love that their memory is so great at this age - they soak everything up!  We have been reading from Luke 2 and Matthew 2...Here the kids are helping me with the story...

Luke 2

Matthew 2


Jill said...

Those kiddos have awesome memories! Good job, Summer and Colton with all of your pre- and tot-school work and your Bible verses. Good job, Larky Loo being as happy and adorable as usual. :)

The Baum Family said...

Fun updates!!! Can't believe how old Colton seems!

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