Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas - Part I - Obermayer Celebration - December 20-22

On Sunday night we got home from 8 days of Christmas including 20+ hours of driving, 6 sleeping locations, 5 celebrations, 4 suitcases, 3 kids, "2" much fun, and 1 crazy fun week!  We are so blessed to have such an amazing family, extended family on both sides, and extended, extended family on both sides! 

Our first celebration was in Chicago with my mom's side of the family, including our family of 5, my parents, my sister and her husband, my cousin Alison and her family of 5, my cousin Amanda and her family of 4, my Aunt and Uncle, and my Grandma Obermayer.  We spent the 20th driving the 6 hour drive and the highlight - swimming in the hotel pool!  On the 21st we all gathered at my Aunt Nancy's house.

My aunt graciously agreed to host us all, including EIGHT children 6 and under!  Here is a picture of the eight great-grandchildren with GeeGee Obermayer.

Cora (2), Summer (4), Colton (2), Larkyn (5 months), Jemma (3 months), Cruz (4), Rowan (6), and Jade (2)

Growing up, my sister Kristin and I were REALLY close with my cousins Alison and Amanda who were close in age with us.  We lived close together in Illinois and did all sorts of things together!  Even though distance has made it so that we only see each other twice a year, we still remain close at heart :).
Me, Kristin, Amanda, and Alison
Our four husbands have the bond of sports that unite them...;)
Roger, Paul, Nate, and Eric

The kids all get along really well too...
It is especially fun to see how Alison's and my oldest kids (Summer and Rowan) get along so well and have similar personalities!
Amanda and my youngest kids, Larkyn and Jemma got to meet each other for the first time!

Thank you Grandma Kirkwood for sharing your pictures with me!
On the 22nd, we got up early and headed home - but not without running the kids around the track attached to the hotel to get excess energy out before the long drive!

Yep, I made them RUN!

We packed up hotel breakfast to eat in the car...both kids were excited to drink water out of coffee cups ;)

Neither kids are car nappers and usually go the whole trip without napping - I was so thankful Colton caught a 20 minute snooze so he wouldn't be as crabby later!

This sweet girl is AMAZING about quietly listening to CDs during quiet/nap time.
When we got home around 4pm on the 22nd we had exactly 24 hours at home to have OUR "Christmas Eve" and "Christmas morning" before heading out again...blog post coming soon...


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